Affordable Housing


Guide: Housing and Mortgages on Affordable Housing


Purpose of this Guide: This guide aims to help persons of low income gain an understanding of the options available when it comes to finding affordable housing and getting a mortgage.


By the end of this guide the reader should have a better grasp of the following:


  • The advantages and disadvantages of home ownership for low income earners
  • How to determine whether the home you are interested in really is affordable
  • The process for finding, getting a contract on, and closing on your new home
  • The responsibility for budgeting for incidentals
  • Considerations regarding homelessness and home ownership
  • Programs that may help you achieve your dream of home ownership



The National Alliance to End Homelessness is a nonprofit, non-partisan, organization committed to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. By improving policy, building capacity, and educating opinion leaders, the Alliance has become a leading voice on this issue.


The Alaska Community Foundation helps people and organizations create and grow their giving plans. They work with individuals, families, and companies to create plans that meet giving needs.


The Alaska Coalition on Housing & Homelessness is a statewide organization working to develop strategies to increase the availability of affordable housing and eliminate homelessness in our great state.


Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's [AHFC] Alaska Council on the Homeless is a Governor's Council public policy forum that makes recommendations on the use of state and federal resources to address homelessness within Alaska.


National Health Care for the Homeless Council is breaking the links between poor health and homelessness.


Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness is a partnership of local agencies and non-governmental organizations that assembled in 2002 to serve Juneau's most vulnerable residents -- the homeless and those most affected by limited and high cost housing.


Melville Charitable Trust is a foundation exclusively devoted to ending homelessness. the website has remarkable links to at least four other sites that focus on ending homelessness, everything from planning to funding!


Corporation for Supportive Housing has a mission to advance housing solutions that improve lives for the most vulnerable people, maximize public resources, and build strong, healthy communities across the country.


National Coalition for the Homeless is a national network of people who are currently experiencing or have experienced homelessness, activists and advocates, community-based and faith-based service providers, and others committed to a single mission of preventing and ending homelessness while ensuring the immediate needs of those experiencing homelessness are met and that their civil rights protected.


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